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  • Are you stuck with the technical to get your Membership site, Online Course, or Online Shop happening?

  • Are you tired of the hassle of hosting, hacking, security, design and implementation nightmares?

  • Are you fed up with IT Contractors who charge almost nothing and do terrible work?

  • Are you sick of IT Contractors and Designers who charge an arm and a leg and yet you get a low quality result?

  • Are you overwhelmed with different monthly fees in order to just get your business online?

  • Are you tired of paying monthly fees for this integration and that integration

  • Are you tired of paying inflated transaction fees in addition to those already charged by PayPal or Stripe or similar?

  • Are you being manipulated by systems that claim to do what you want, only to find that they just don’t work for your business model?

  • Are you confused over all the different elements that are needed with an Online Business today, sales funnels, upsells, downsells, marketing funnels, split testing, analytics etc?

An Online Business Is

Not Just A Website!

It’s A REAL Business

  • You want to have an online shop.

  • You want to sell your book online.

  • You want to run your coaching practice.

  • You want to advertise your physical business.

  • You want to be able to blog about what matters to you.

  • You want to have it look nice and work on all devices, mobile and desktops

  • You want to sell your courses online, be able to include videos, audio MP3’s, PDF’s, Checklists, infographics easily without the confusion of how to set it all up.

  • You want to run an Online Business that is efficient, stylish, reflects your brand integrity, has the sales conversion tools you need and is easy to use

  • You want to have an Online Business that works for you.

  • You want to have a team of support specialists that are able to answer your questions.

  • You want to have a team of support specialists who can make the problems of having an Online Business just disappear.

  • You want to have a team of support specialists who when things do go wrong are able to look at the situation with great knowledge, wisdom, insight and who can provide results.

  • You want access to someone to discuss or help you plan how it will all work that you can trust.

  • You want to use the right amount of money for the right system.

Yes I Want All That And More – Is It Possible?

Let’s Imagine For A Moment, Shall We?

What if?

  • What if there was a platform that had a solution to all that?

  • What if there was a platform that took care of the technical?

  • What if there was a platform that integrated with Facebook, Google, pixels, CRM’s etc

  • What if there was a platform that even included automation choices (optional extra)

  • What if there was a platform that was simple to use, well supported and just worked!!

  • What if there was a platform that we could design with and customize it exactly how you wanted.

  • What if there was a platform that was affordable?

  • What if there was a platform that worked beautifully on Mobile and Responsive devices?

  • What if there was a platform that included Sales Funnels and Landing Page layout templates that perfect for your business?

  • What if there was a platform that included such functionality as Auctions, Sales, Memberships, Courses, Video Blogs, Podcasts, Appointment Bookings, Social Media, Community Areas, and almost any other choice you desire.

  • What if there was a platform with easy online step by step tutorials?

  • What if there was a platform that did the hard work for you and let you design the way you wanted to with drag and drop simplicity?

  • What if there was a platform that meant you could hire actual “designers” to style the site for you to match your brand without them being bogged down by the technical?

  • What if there was a platform that ULIKED……..

Yes, What If There Was A Platform

For Creating Online Businesses

That ULIKED!!!!

Now There IS…

ULIKED.US Is The Platform Of Choice

I Just Need A Blog

With A PayPal Button..


You Need An Online Business

If You Want To Change Your

Chance Of Financial Success

This Is Not Your Typical Website Solution.

We include features over and above what you think you need.

This is a platform that gives you the flexibility, the solutions,

the tools, the reports, the results with an intuitive interface that works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well we can do that. You can simply add your course details, upload the content, set the price, add your Paypal or Stripe details and there you go.

Well we can do that. All you do is send us a structure map of how you want the site to work and we have it ready for your content and for you to customize. What is a structure map? That is essentially a document that shows the workflow of your membership areas. This way we can ensure the technical of the site matches your needs. But what if you don’t know how to do it? Easy, we will guide you.

We have that all set, ready for you to add your payment details and products to.
But I have 1000+ products?
Well thats easy, give us the details in a CSV file, and we will import it. Note: Photos must be uploaded first & their URL included in the CSV file, we can supply sample csv files and make it easy no matter what your skill level.

Well we can do that too. Talk to us about who they are and what integrations they have available and where possible we can add those functions for you.

Well we can do that too. Whatever you can dream of, we can include. In some instances there will be no cost, in other situations we may have to charge a fee, especially if the software developers for your idea charge. Best thing to do is to talk to us about your idea and we will design its implementation for you.

Today, not quite. This is Pre-Launch and so we are quickly working to get the layouts of the Back End finished so that the finished product looks polished. We can show you via Zoom Webinar live if you would like to use our Contact Form to request a Preview. Once we have taken more photos, they will be on the site.
Also if you sign up, I guarantee your Online Business Platform will look fantastic.

As over 30%+ of the Internet is powered by WordPress today, we have developed our system to interact with WordPress as a Foundation. It means we can include many WordPress advantages, design choices and add-ons whilst using our Customizer + Implementation Processes to provide you with the best Online Business Platform dedicated to your Online Business Success.

Sure, if its important for you to know, go ahead, use our Contact Form or HelpDesk Ticketing System or Live Chat to ask anything you want.
Our purpose with our platform is to stop you from having to be a Geek and to give you more time to be YOU DOING WHAT YOU DO BEST.

Who is behind all this?

The team is lead by Jayc Ryder. A uniquely talented Entrepreneur who has been working in the Online Business space for the last 20+ years.

With a powerful IT background having worked at senior levels in some of Australia and New Zealand’s leading Companies, his IT skills and Business design skills were developed.

Every day he would design new solutions to problems his corporate business, government, education, health and small business clients would present to him.

No problem was left unsolved, efficient in his business design meant that his talents would be transforming lives, creating in some cases multi million dollar profits. His solutions included million dollar projects and educating 10’s of thousands of people.

This has taught Jayc that there is never anything too hard or too difficult to overcome.

Jayc & Svetlana Ryder

What About Jayc’s Other Life?

Now some of you might also know of Jayc Ryder’s other life.

Jayc was invited to leave Australia, travel to Ukraine to appear on a Reality TV Series filmed there. This highly regarded TV show called Bitva Ekstrasensiv (Battle of the Psychics) was a competition that allowed Jayc Ryder to prove to himself and to the world the depth of his beliefs and connection.

At the culmination of 6 months filming whilst living in Kiev Ukraine, he was awarded by SMS voting (from an audience of 34 Million) the position of 3rd Best Psychic Medium in the World, competing against some of the best from the UK, USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine and many other countries.

Jayc then went on to co-host 16 episodes of another TV Series in Ukraine called Investigation Leading Psychics “Psychic Investigations” and solved murders, crimes, and other mystical situations.

Jayc has since gone on to write a book about his experience, now available on Amazon called

“Jayc Ryder – A Real Psychic Medium on Reality TV”.

This Platform Is A Combination Of

20+ Years In Business, Online Business Design And Web Development.

It Is A Platform For Anyone

Who Has A Business Idea They Want To Put Online

And Are Not Sure Where To Start.

Goodbye Geek

We Remove The Pain

Out Of Building A Business Online.

Technical Overload Causes More Problems Than You Need.

Our protected system is designed to work for you, not you work for it.

We Remove The Pain

Out Of The Cost Of A Business Online

Our Costs To You Include Everything Most Business Owners Need

How often do you hear you need this subscription and that.

We help keep your Online Business Affordable.

We Remove The Pain

Out Of Managing A Business Online

Stop Being A Geek

Hosting, Hacking, Security & Bugs.

This Confused Nonsense Stops Here.

Can You  Receive Money

Via This Platform?

  • Yes – PayPal And Stripe Are Built In.

  • Yes – Other Payment Gateways Are Available.

What If I Need Help?

  • Yes – First Level Support Is Available 24/7

    Via Our Online Ticketing Service

  • Yes – Coming Very Soon

    Live Chat.

If you want to be

one of the first users

of this platform…

Apply today…

But How Much Will It Cost?

This will be the most fairly priced and accessible complete online business system on the planet.

No transaction fees by us, only what you pay to Paypal, Stripe or other gateway solution.

We even include an Affiliate solution as well if you want to make money selling ULiked Us….


So Here Is The Offer.

Be one of our 55 core members.

We will setup our platform, give you step by step training.

We will guide you so that Your Course, Your Membership Site, Your Online Shop, Your Community is all configured perfectly the way it needs to be.

Click For Today’s Pre-Launch Offer

Do You Want The Secret

To Online Business Success?

A Secret That Is More

Important Than You Think?

Do You Know What It Is?

We have been in the Online Business world for over 10+ years, plus 20+ years in corporate businesses and quite frankly the biggest reason for failure that we have seen is this…

Poor Planning.

Thats it. When many people start a business there are 3 key factors..

  • What you know you know
  • What you know you don’t know
  • What you don’t know you don’t know

Now you already know the first two. The third one is the tricky one and as the Technical implementation and layout of an Online Business Model is the “What you don’t know you don’t know” part that bites everyone on the butt.

We have taken care of that too.

We Have A Solution For This Too!

For Founder Members, you will receive a spectacular bonus of a 1 on 1 consultation with Jayc Ryder, Our Online Business Design Specialist who will map out your Online business idea, then will make sure that our system is optimized for YOU & YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS.

Then for those who join after the initial Launch period, we will be providing Webinars and other training and development opportunities, so that everyone has a fair and equal chance at Online Business Success, without getting bitten by the “What you don’t know you don’t know” bug.

Why Are We Doing This?

  1. We wanted our platform to be affordable
  2. We are in pre-launch so not everything is super polished yet
  3. We want some real reviews, not those bought fake reviews & testimonials you see elsewhere.
  4. We are in this for the long run and want those who are getting started to actually be able to do this and succeed
  5. We can then prove that our platform works for you and success is finally achievable for all.

This Is A Highly Personalized System That Works For You

The Important Questions

No, we are not an insurance company and cannot promise that everyone will succeed. No one can do that. What we will can offer though is this. If during our initial founding member consultation we feel that your business idea will not succeed then we will inform you and offer you a 100% money back refund. The refund request/offer must happen within 30 days of signup and before we prepare your Online Business System.

Yes if we believe your Business Idea cannot succeed. If we believe it will work, then no you do not get a refund. You have to run your business to succeed, that takes a commitment of time and effort.

It’s not weird at all. Today many people want everything for free and they use refunds as the method to achieve that. Our policy is simple. If we agree your idea will not succeed, then we are happy to refund your money. If you are simply trying to use us and score free knowledge, read our blogs, watch our free videos or go elsewhere as we want to work with those who have a real desire and intention to succeed.

Yes, Yes & Yes. We have options where we can take over the complete implementation for you. We even have options on recording your content and implementing the traffic to your system so that you make sales.
Our platform will be the best fully integrated Sales & Marketing System designed specifically for Online Businesses ever created. We have templates, sales funnels, conversion tools, reporting, it’s easy to adjust and best of all we can add additional features anytime which we will.

Check our pricing section for the current details

Well this varies on how much you need. We take care of it to ensure that you get the service, speed and space that you need within acceptable limits. Where additional resources or services beyond those allocated are required, these are either supplied and included or where applicable the cost is passed on.

Yes and no. You can only send emails to those who have opted into your list in compliance with the CAN-SPAM act and yes there are limits on how many you can send per hour & per day. Our system is not for those with lists of 100000+ sending huge mailout’s each day. However if you need this, simply lodge a support ticket and we can discuss with you your requirements.

Not yet, however that is on our plans for 2017/2018

Its as safe as we can make it. We are forced by sites such as Facebook and Instagram to authenticate with them in order to setup the functionality we need. They insist on us using your valid login and password to enable that. Once we use those details, we delete the record in our ticketing system. Your site will hold those settings in it’s database which is protected by a firewall.

Unfortunately no. With large Fortune 500 companies all over the world being hacked, we can’t guarantee that you won’t have that happen either. No one can. Our sites all have security systems in place plus we backup your site daily so that in the event of a major problem we can recover it back to the last known stable version. We do what we can to protect you.

No. Photos are protected by copyright and so the best photos are often ones you take yourself. However if you need photos there are sites in our knowledge base where you can find the ones you need. Both paid and free.

Yes, instead of appearing in your own video content, there are many people of whom we can utilize and during your business consultation if this is an issue for you, we can suggest a solution (note: these will be actors who charge their own fees).

If money is an issue, then by all means allow your friend to provide you with their services. Our platform is a cutting edge implementation of the latest in Website technologies and there are considerable investments included. These investments are designed to make it fast, easy and drag and drop simple for you. The systems we include in every site include features and functionality that we have assessed as providing the perfect solution.

No & Yes Sort Of. We do not supply a fully designed website. You receive the infrastructure, the technical setup and configuration done for you. Then we supply you with Professionally Designed Website Design Templates, Sales Page Layouts, Lead Page Layouts for you to add your content to.

A complete “Done For You Design Solution” where we provide the “Sales & Marketing Copy, All Graphics, Design & Implementation Layouts, Sales Funnels, Lead Generation Funnels”, is possible however not included in our standard packages. For a “Done For You Design Solution” simply book a consultation using our contact form “Click Here” and Jayc will arrange a Personal quotation.

Is There A Bonus?

Beside’s the 1 on 1 Consultation with Jayc Ryder to map your Online Business, including Sales Funnels, Marketing Funnels, Site Functions and guidance on Design Styles Founding Members are receiving an almost done for you solution.

I say almost as you personally will receive ALL THE TECHNICAL TAKEN CARE OF, so that you with drag n drop precision, you can add content and change the design and layout to how you like.

The Additional Bonus is of course the pricing at Pre-Launch. 

Our Pricing Table Below shows the Features and Expected Monthly Pricing.

However, for our Core Members a different pricing structure is available. 

Press the Pre-Launch Button For The Current Offer.

Note: Pre-Launch Pricing Is Subject To Change Without Notice.

The Investment To Open Your Online Business





Click Here To Book Consultation





Click Here To Book Consultation

The Next Step Is Simple

If you want to have an Online Business without the technical headache, one that works for you, then take the action to order today.

If you are afraid that you are making a mistake, but know in your heart that your idea is fantastic and you really want to believe in it but are still afraid?

Take the action to order today and arrange the Online Business Consultation.

It’s risk free. If we agree that your idea will not work, we will completely happily refund your money 100%.

If we feel your idea will work, then a refund will not be available.

It means we believe in you too and are ready to provide you with the platform you need.

The Choice Is Simple, The Platform Is Ready, Its Waiting For You.

Join Us Today.

Today’s Pre-Launch Offer

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